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Welcome to the English site of Team CONTARE

It is our team's vision that every person in Central America and Mexico have the opportunity to hear the gospel in a format they can understand and respond to, enabling God's Word to be established in the hearts of the people in such a way that they can reproduce it for others, igniting a Church Planting Movement in their people group.

This vision is best expressed in the story found in Psalm 78:1-55.

Team CONTARE is involved in encouraging the use of Bible Storying for evangelism, discipleship and leadership training among the people groups of Central America and Mexico. Team CONTARE is made up of the Stamps' and the Lyons' families.

We are posting on this website materials we are developing for the people groups in our area. Also on this website we are including materials and links to websites developed by others who are using similar methodologies.

This website has been designed to share information and materials with those who are interested in reaching oral communicators of Latin America for Christ and helping them mature as disciples. Many of the pages invite collaboration from people interested in a specific area of this work.

Most of the pages on this website can be edited by whoever wishes to help us develop it. Basic Editing describes how to edit the pages. WikiSandbox is where you may go to practice editing before making changes on some of the other pages.

This website also hosts a Spanish Website where resources in Spanish are available.

Storying Models

A Toolkit: Various Ways You Can Use Storying

Site Map
 Prayer Requests And Newsletters 

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